DVD Media for sale at Circuit City this week



OK here we go. None of these are rebates as I don’t deal with them.

DVD Media
Philips +/- R 8x 25pk $7.95
*+R can either be CMC MAG E01 / INFOME R20 / MBIPG101R04 / Philips 081 / PHILIPS C08 / RICOHJPNR02
*-R can either be FUJIFILM03 / CMC MAG AE1

ESA +/- R 8x 50pk $19.99
*+R are CMC MAG E01
*-R are CMC MAG AE1

I have had nothing, but excellent results burning these at 12x (either of the ESA 8x +/- R) on my NEC 3500a.

CD-R Media
ESA 100pk $19.99
Philips 50pk $7.95


Including the media codes is a great idea, thanks