Dvd media for nec 2500a



Hi everyone,

I apologize ahead of time for any slight transgessions with regards to posting procedures.

I just bought a NEC 2500a, and was wondering what media do people know is good for it? The 2500a burns nearly everything, but don’t cdfreaks measure the worth of the burned media by the # of C1 and C2 errors, longevity, and such?
Taking these factors into account, and excluding the much-touted Taiyo-Yuden, what brands in general are good to get?
Ie, I see on staples right now that Memorex 25 pack is on sale for 35 bucks. Are memorex’s any good?
How am I supposed to buy media if the brand uses lots of different manufacturers, ie the same Memorex 25 pack could be Ricoh, Ritek, CMC, or such.
Also, where do people recommend buying DVD packs from, or is it advisable to simply wait for the bargain times and buy whats generally the cheapest?

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The 2500 will burn anything with the Memorex DVD+/- name on it, as far as we know.
Same thing for Fuji DVD+/-R
Just watch for sales and grab them.