Dvd media for dvr-108



what’s a good 16x media for pioneer dvr-108?


no one:(


Try verbatim, taiyo yuden, fujifilm…


As far as I know, there’s no 16x media that will burn on a dvr-108 (there is for a DVR-109. However, for good 8x media that will easily overburn at 12x with the same quality, I would get Fuji 8x DVD+R Made in Japan 50pk from Best Buy. Those are actually Yuden000-t02-00 media ID, but they are the best I’ve used. Another that is good is the Ritekg05 (either Silver Shiny or Ridata branded) from www.meritline.com. I think they even have it on sale right now (free shipping). However, the yuden is superior, as while the Riteks will give you a good burn, the Riteks also produce anywhere from 2-10x the PIF errors that a yuden (Fuji) will. So really, I would get Riteks if I had absolutely nothing else I could get. Of course, you could always get the OEM Taiyo Yuden from www.rima.com or www.neato.com. Those are even better than the Fuji Yudens.


thank’s i will look into thoes:)


these are some results obtained with my bros’ pioneer 108 (don’t know which firmware)


Media: verbatim DVD+R 16x certified
Mediacode: MCC 004
Software: Nero
Burnspeed possible: 16x
Burnspeed selected: 8x
Reader: LITE-ON SOHW-1633S (firmware BS0S)
Readspeed: 4x


Media: verbatim DVD+R 16x certified
Mediacode: MCC 004
Software: Nero
Burnspeed possible: 16x
Burnspeed selected: 12x
Reader: LITE-ON SOHW-1633S (firmware BS0S)
Readspeed: 4x

hope this can help



Then it appears those Verbatim 16x are best burned at 12x. The PIE is the same, but there’s a big difference in the 8x and 12x burn, the 12x being superior in PIF. Now you know what speed to use for best results in that burner. :slight_smile:


By the way, the latest firmware for the Pioneer dvr-108 would be 1.20, I believe. If you use Nero, it should identify the Pioneer burner and it’s fw, so that’s how you could find out from there, like the Nero equivalent of ‘drive information.’ :wink:


By the way, I mentioned Ritek g05s, but now that I’ve burned more of them, I’ll say that you should only get those IF there’s nothing else to be had. Right now, NewEgg has 100 pk Verbatim. AFter rebate, it would be .24/DVD blank. The consensus seems to be that right after Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim is next best–among seasoned burners (people who burn a lot, I mean). But jump on that price, as it may not last long.


As Geno showed, you can get 16x media for a dvr-108, but they won’t burn at faster than 12x as far as I know. It is the dvr-109 that is supposed to have firmware support to burn 16x media at 16x, like the NEC3520a. Anyway, if you get a good 8x media, it will likely overburn at 12x. A 12x burn will take about 6:37-6:40 and a true 16x would only be around 6:07-6:13. That’s not a big enough time savings to justify paying the 16x media price. Hopefully, of course, that price will finally come down a lot more towards 8x media price, as the Verbatim 8x media is now being discontinued. Additionally, hopefully the burner and media companies are coordinating more to make sure the firmwares more widely allow 16x media to burn at 16x speed…