Dvd Media For 11.94


Um ok, not a deal, not even close to 50 cents each. Which you can get Ritek 100 pack Ritek G04 4X DVD-R with 10 pieces Intenso 4X DVD-R at $49 via coupon “d3doff” with Free Shipping at supermediastore.com. So its actually 110 dvdr for $49 if your not in Ca, if your in Ca its $49 +Tax or 56.29. Either way its close to 50 cents and you can’t get DVDs much cheaper then that right now.

So in Ca its like .51 cents/DVDR, outside of Ca it would be .45 cents/DVDR.

But the Maxell DVD-R should be TYG01… that’s not that bad…

Most are MXL RG02, but are still a very good media which can be burned at 8X, if the recorder permits. Only the -R media are really high quality media, TY or MXL. Look for the “made in Japan” sticker. The +R media is not made in Japan!

the maxell rg02 are much better the ritek g04.

Staples was out of them, so I went to wal-mart and they price matched.

those ones that i got were TYG01 here in St. Augustine, FL. BEAUTIFUL burns on my NEC2500A.