DVD media detection

I’ve got:
Nero Lite
Nero DiscSpeed
LiteOn 20A1P
DVD5/9 DVD+R Verbatim, Sony or sometimes Philips.

After starting Nero DiscSpeed - appears the window “Hybrid Disc”. After selecting “OK”, the window disappears and DiscSpeed detects DVD media correctly.
The window “Hybrid Disc” appeares on all DVD5 and today is the first time on DVD9.
I’ve got Nero 8 installed for 2 monthes. I was using Nero 6 before and there was no such a problem.

Maybe just another nero bug??

I have the same problem. It also appears when I insert CD-R’s!

In case its hardware related, I’ve got…

Nero Burning ROM
Nero DiscSpeed
Vista Ultimate 64-bit
Gigabyte GA P35C DS3R
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
SATA via ICH9R controller …
Pioneer DVR-212
Samsung TSSTcorp SH-S203B
and 4x WD Caviar 250MB in RAID-10 array
And on IDE bus …
Lite-On SOHR-5239V CD-RW

I doesn’t matter which of the optical drives I use.