DVD media ? burner ? problems need help

Basics 3200 PC no problems, LG GSA 4163B drive -A105 firmware, seems to work OK but has done a lot of work, I had run out of the TDK media and got a great deal on Ritek 8X DVD+R media, and since then as I play the media that has sat for a while it then refuses to sometimes play, with Disk Error shown, disks are in mint condition and no dramas with burning them using One Click DVD s/w.

#0 The original disks play perfectly in either PC or the LG DVD LH-D6430 player.

#1 When the disks are sometimes turned 30 / 90 deg in the player’s tray it will then usually stop making noises and sometimes read it as a dvd, and the following play is fine.

#2 those burnt Ritek disks that when first burnt played perfectly, now play up, but if they don’t play up at first they will sometimes skip, and generally act as if stuffed disks or copied from damaged source disks, or not read at all.

#3 Cleaning the disks will ‘sometimes’ make them play, at worst they have to be turned in the tray like the others.

#4 It gives the impression that the player / PC are first not picking up the lead in on the Ritek disks, or with either refuse to accept there is a disk in at all and I have had no dramas with the PC, burner, or player until I started using these Ritek disks.

Sure there was dramas when backing up some disks that have had a hard life but I expected that, the source disks are in mint condition and play fine.

Some Ritek burnt disks work perfectly, so I either have to get a new burner or change media or both, I am at a loss.

Anyone ? had similar dramas.

The first thing I’d suggest is that you try to confirm that your burner is still OK by using some quality media like Verbatim.

Personally I’d steer well clear of any Ritek/Ridisc/Ridata media as their reputation is pretty poor these days.

I’m still in the process of reburning all my Ritek disks before they permanently die.

You could check this out for info on media.