Dvd media 1-30 to 2-5

best buy
tdk + and - 50 pack 19.99

hp (normally cmc e01) 8x 100pk 29.99 after 45 instant and 5 mailin

Memorex 8x + and - 50 pk 19.94 (phillips or prodisc)

Nice deals! Looks like media prices are really starting to crash from what I’m seeing. I just stocked up on 150 Philips 4x DVD+R’s since they were so cheap considering the worst I can get is CMC Magnetic’s media and with a potential for either Philips or RicohJPNR01 media codes I figured it was worth the shot.

Microcenter.com has the 4x Philips DVD+R’s for $14.50 per 50 pack spindle

Tigerdirect.com has the 4x Philips DVD+R’s for $15.99 per 50 pack spindle

I also bought a 50 pack of 4x Intenso DVD+R’s from Tigerdirect.com as well for $11.99. The media is probably going to suck (figuring on Optodisc OR4 maybe?) but for $11.99… meh, it’s worth a shot. :bigsmile:

what mid are the mij tdk +/- at bestbuy?

ok i found out according to the old bestbuy tdk media sale that -R should be TTG02 and +R should be YUDEN000T02…i noticed at bestbuy that the TDK MIJ spindles look exactly like the FUJI MIJ spindles

because yuden has their own packaging normally. TDK had some packaging issues so their ricohjpnr02 spindles with a gray funky base may have MIJ on the label but are actually made in tiawan


Still think that the Verbatim 8x sale at Amazon is the best price that I have ever seen for Verbatim @ $30 shipped after MIR-

To bad it ends tomorrow-


Office Depot has 15 pks of Maxell DVD+/-RW on sale this week. Buy one, get one free. 30 discs for $19.99.

Does TY have their own design for the 25 count spindle? I’ve never seen one with the distinctive cake box bottom, but people confirmed that the 25 count spindle from the last Best Buy sale was T02.

Does anyone know the media code for Memorex 8x +r that is made in India.

Also what is the phillips +r made in taiwan

the big hit at Best Buy about a month or 2 ago (8.99/25pk FujiFilm 8X DVD+R) were YUDEN000 T02. you had to make sure it was MIJ and grey bottom.

the FujiFilm 8X DVD-R 25pks were MIT and black bottomed.

mine looked like normal (not flaired bottom ty) but were ty T02

india is mosier baer. might want to check videohelp.com

do you guys think the TDK TTG02 and T02 are exactly the same as Fuji TTG02 and T02? the discs are made by same company just slapped different labels on them.

Actually, they are neither.
I went out and bought a spindle of each the other day and did some scanning on PX-712A and NEC 3520A. The -Rs are CMC MAG.AE1, the +Rs are MBIPG101 R03 01. Neither is great IMO, though the -Rs are not bad at 6x.