DVD matches drive region. Use exchange to get title key(s)?

I’m using DVD43 and 1Click DVD Copy 4.2. I’ve been pretty successful at copying DVDs, well, I’ve only done about 3 now. But today I’m trying to copy one and it let me do disc 2 of the movie, but disc 1 I’m getting this error, “DVD matches drive region. Use exchange to get title key(s)”. Does anyone know what this means or what I need to do?

The first couple of times it said “DVD does not match drive region”, but now it says it does, but I’ not sure what the exchange to get title key means. I’m sorry if this has been posted before and I’m being redundant. I’ve searched through all 7 pages of this forum and was not able to find my answer.



What Version of 1Click are you using 4.2.?.?

You’ll need to Update DVD43 to version 3.9.0.

You also need to Update your 1Click to at least
Current Version is

Another Solution would be to try AnyDVD
You’ll have to remove DVD43 … AnyDVD has a 21 day free trial
… but you should still Update your 1Click

Go to My Computer > right Click on your DVD Drive > Properties
>> hardware tab > select DVD Drive > Properties > DVD Region tab

Do you have your DVD Drive properly allocated to your particular ‘Region’ ?
( have you selected/set your DVD Region ? )


Thanks Shannon for your quick response. I have 1Click version I will try updating the software. Yes, I just checked and my region is set to Region 1, US.

Thanks again!


Let me know if you need further Help with this …
We should be able to get you going again …

oh , and 1ClickDVDCopy does have it’s own Support Forum
Sometimes the answers will come a little quicker - over there

here’s fine too , though … :wink: