Dvd loading tray sticks more than it opens

Is there a common fix for this problem? I’ve had at least 2 or three different brand burners do this before just seems like it should be something simple but, I’ve never been able to fix one yet for consistent opening. Thanks! :confused:

My favorite dvd writer is getting this same, sticky tray syndrome, but the problem may be caused by a couple of different issues. One, it may simply be dirty and needs to be cleaned up a bit. Especially the little belt that drives the tray mechanism. Or, it may be that the belt has lost elasticity over time and is slipping. If you can find a small rubber band that fits, replacing the belt might work.

Depends on if its gear/cam driven or belt driven, both types are common. Either one can stick if the tray mechanics are dirty, they’re designed to do that if something blocks the tray from opening. Belt driven trays can fail due to the belt itself getting old.

LiteOn drives (at least the ones I’ve had) are bad about this.
They are belt driven. Cleaning the belt & pullies helped for a while.
If you buy several belt it might be the best solution.
They would be tight for a while.
I think part of the problem is the [B]cheap [/B]plastic pullies also wear too quick.
The belt is easy to change .
Use a couple of pairs of tweezers or small forceps.
I guess small needle nose pliers could also be used.
The belt on a LiteOn is at the front & accessable from under the open drawer.