Dvd linking after rip


I am able to rip dvd using dvd decryptor but can’t seem to link the chapters together, is the any free software that will do this.



Hey Daz, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Rip to ISO with Decrypter, then burn :wink:

Hi Arachne,

Thanks for your reply, I can burn on to dvd I just can’t seem able to link the dvd chapters on my hard drive into 1 big file and put it on my mp3 player any suggestions?


Hmmm, I’m not up to speed on free stuff that’ll do the job, I know others here know a fair bit about that stuff, though (I just burn to DVD and that’s it hehe).

You can rip the file in IFO mode in DVDDecrypter — in Tools->Settings->IFO Mode set the file splitting to None. This will give you one big vob file when you rip to the hard drive…but I’m not sure it will play on your player.

There is another tool, which I haven’t used, called VobMerge, which will take the files you already have and put them together into one vob.

Are you certain you want everything in one vob file? Or do you need mpg2 or possibly mpg4?