DVD life

where i can find a news about the life of dvd? I stored many data on dvd and somebody said to me that there are many dvd that after few mounths are not readable!!! is it true?

Thanks. :confused:

Yes…if you use cheap media. I only buy Made in Japan media. If you want the burn to last, then you should also use 4X burn speed and keep the media in a dry, cool location.

Does burn speed determine the longevity of the burn or the quality of the burn? I thought it was the latter. I wish I had control of the burn speed on Sonic, but the version I got with my Dell doesn’t allow for speed control. I have CDburnerXP, but I’m uncertain as to using ISO1 or ISO2 or Joliet for data burns and the answer on the forum doesn’t tell me which to use for my purposes. I think it is ISO2, but I’m not sure (ie for photos)

As have read ,DVD-R last up to 5 years in good storage condition (mentioned in DVD package)-In theory,manufacturers said ,that last many more years…
Be sure only use, the best quality discs you can buy,and make double backup copy for sure in important data.

Thanks for the answer. Japan media are the better media to storage data but I’m not shure of the life. May be few mouths or up to few years. The data disapper all toghether or i can understand when i must copy the data again to another dvd?
DVD builders say something about this? :sad:

Good media makers have claimed up to 100years life.

Sorry to leave thius blank i wrote something here similar to the one below i should have editted this one. Apologies.


For definate, i bought some media a while ago, some silver topped packard bell CD’s.

A: It was Rubbish Media.
B: I burned it way too fast, maximum speed.
C: I burned it with a rubbish writer.

Have just done some error checks on the disc to find the more i scan them the more errors it finds it’s driving me nuts.

Had some Ritek DVD+R’s through the post about a year ago with a good dye.

To this day none of them have errors on.

I never knew that scanning more and more DVD+R’s would cause such wear n tear??

Also i thought the advertised lifetime of Taiyo Yuden was something to 100 years how come everyones saying 5 years etc??

People quote 100 years as it is a nice round number, and who is going to be around in 80 years (and care) to prove that DVD’s didn’t last as long as claimed.

I tend to think that as long as the disc last about 10-20years then I do not really care. I can’t see 6 months ahead, never mind 50 years :slight_smile:

I have disks that have gone bad after 2 months
I have had disks that are good after 2 years

Price is no indication of disk life.
Manufacturer is no indication of disk life.

The disks that failed me after 2 months are ritek G04
The disks that are still working after 2 years are ritek G04

yeah i seem to remember u saying u got a pack of riteks that were a load of shit.

well cheers for the info.

Hopefully dvds will last a long long time maybe future technology will make it possible…

Any disc can fail if you exceed its design parameters. That’s why I burn at 4X and keep the media in a dark, dry, cool location.

Ok for keeping media in dark, dry, cool (20°C) location, but… with 8x media I usually get better results burning @8x than burning @4x or 2x.


every DVD has got errors after burning it. With cheap media there`s (not always) the danger of getting a higher error level. Maybe not so high that they are not played. But the error level increases with the years (or even months). So the cheap media reach that point very fast, where they will not be played. The well known media (TY, Verba, Ricoh …) have errors too. But usually it’s not as high as the cheap media. So it would last longer to reach the “date of expiry”. There are other factors which affect that: overburning, marks on the surface, sun …

Just out of curiosity though were these Datasafe, Datawrite, ect. Ritek G04 discs?

the 2 years+ still working disks are all datasafe 4x
the 1 year fails and 2 month fails are all ritek G04 printables (various batch codes)

all disks had great scans when originally burned and have been stored in zip cases, cool and dark.

I have recently purchased TY’s at Rima.com to help me “archive” my photos. I have made 2 copies on the TY’s and one on Fuji TY. I don’t have a burner program that will allow me to control the speed of the burn so I can’t limit the burn at 4x. I have check the files with CDCheck which tells me that the files are okay. Reading this thread, something tells me that there are still errors on my disc. What are people using to determine if there are errors? I’m hoping that I will be able to preserve these pictures with multiple copies so if one goes bad, I have a couple more.

No media will last “forever”. Sooner or later it (both good and crappy discs) will die out.

Really? I have TDK dvd+r media right now rated for 8x and I get better results when I burn at 4x. I would normally only burn at 4x anyway though. I feel that the disc is better to be burned at 4x then 8x anyway. I just tried it once to see the Kprobe on it. It was pretty shit at 8x, but great at 4x.

No the 100 years claime comes from the arhenius accelerate ageing test. (heat+ humidity) Most times results show even better however there is a large statistical error in these tests so that’s why it was rounded down on 100.
(Which is still to good because the test has some mayor flaws)

If people are really interested in this I can open a specific topic on accelerated ageing and other media tests and the flaws of the test methode and what’s the actuall way things should be done. However I don’t think that there a lot of folks interested in models and chemistry.