DVD Life (Sony DRU-820A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-820A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ll use one thread to say hi to all you freaks out there, and ask a question - this looks like a really good Forum !!!

I’ve read a lot about DVD life. I’ve made a lot of backup DVD’s for my wife, some of which she plays continuously.

We’ve worn out a couple tabletop players, and now the DVD’s themselves seem to be degrading.

Does the reading process smear out the holes in the DVD’s - what’s the story ???

I’ve seen claims of 100 year life, but if you play a DVD continuously, how long will it last ??? Assuming proper environmental & handling conditions…

I’m using only Verbatim single & DL DVD+R…

Welcome to the forums JunoJim

You’ve picked a very good brand of blank media. They should be as good as anything out there. That’s the good news.

Reading the disks shouldn’t degrade them. But all burned disks will eventually fail, the question is when. 100 yrs seems excessively optimistic to me. DVDs that are known to be good brands, burned and stored properly should last at least 5yrs, as a conservative (pessimistic) estimate, and will probably last twice that without issues. Until burned dvds have been around a lot longer than now, we won’t know the average lifespan of the disks. There are tests used to estimate lifespan, but who knows how well they relate to real-life situations.

Proper storage and handling will help keep them in reasonably good shape for a long time. Handle them by the edges, store them in a cool, dark place and don’t expose them to excessive sunlight. Many people advocate putting them in individual dvd cases for storage, and others like the hanging sleeve type of storage.

You should look through the FAQ in the Blank Media forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f33/media-faq-61943/ The second and third entries should be applicable to your questions.

Thanks for the info !!!

I did have a CD that I played a lot actually explode - it blew the door off my reader, and I never could find all the pieces. BTW, I took the player apart, shook all the pieces out, and the player worked fine, although I could always tell it was spinning too fast… It was an old HP…