Dvd lens cleaner




are these dvd / cd cleaners worthwhile or just a gimmick - or worse - even likely to cause damage to the device / laser lens?




I got a lens cleaner free with my playstation 2 and it never gave me any problems. But im sure that they wouldnt do any damage, other wise you would be able to hold the company responsible for damaging your player


sounds cool,

i have heard dust on the lens can cause a dvd to skip, so these lens cleaners must be a good idea?




Depends on the drive manufacturer. A few may offer an “approved” lens cleaner for a particular drive; most drive manufacturers advise against using such a cleaner, though. Phillips sells a drive lens cleaner disc in some retail stores, but I don’t know if they recommend using it for their drives.

The best bet is to never let your drive get dirty in the first place. :cop:

I never put anything in my main burner except new, blank media – or discs I have burned and kept clean. I won’t run a rental disc in anything except my oldest, crapiest drive – and then only after wiping all the finger prints and “kid goo” off it with a damp paper towel first… :wink:


thanks RWP,

this was what was concerning me - my Philips drive started skipping a while back; the technician swopped the drive, but also gave the old one a blast of canned air - which seems to be a safer option, as opposed to physically interacting with the lens, by way of a commercial lens cleaner? he said it was probably dust which was causing the drive to skip? the new one works fine, but i give my drives a burst of canned air every now and then - just in case . . .