DVD Lead-in problem




I am having a bit of trouble with my HP dvd 740 external drive. As i said, the trouble is in that it doesn’t seem to even begin burning a “lead-in”: It was working just fine, aside from the occasional coaster, then yesterday it wouldn’t finish a job. Totally normal thing, i went through the usual dance of reseting everything just as i always do, after that it started this behavior. It just stays in the “writing lead-in” stage of burning and won’t go anywhere from there. Funny, it will still burn CD-Rs perfectly, no coasters, fast as ever.
The logs say zilch about what’s going on, as far as the software’s concerned everything’s dandy. To the eye, the DVDs don’t look as if they’ve had even a single dot written to them.

Possible reasons for this i have examined: Best one so far is that i damaged the device somehow by using the emergency eject button, you know, this small hole into which one stick a paperclip or other such to force the tray out. Even though i was careful, could this be the problem, that i simply broke it? lol

I switched the type of DVD-Rs i was using and this problem started exactly the same time, however i have used a whole 100-reel of this same type with this same writer, so i doubt highly that is the problem. Plus the CD-Rs are the same brand and work fine. Plus the DVD-Rs work fine in my gf’s powerbook burner. Whaaaaaa???

Pretty stumped, i’ve ruled out pretty much any software related problem, it seems like the thing could just be semi-fried, but it’s frustrating that it will still do CDRs. I still got the warantee i think, but just wondering if there’s anything i can do should that have expired. Any advice, any insight into what’s wrong here would be much appreciated.

Thanks a million!



Will it read DVDs?

They tell me two lasers are used. One for DVD and the other for CD. It’s common for a drive to be able to handle one but not the other.