Dvd layer change problem with dvdfab

hi all
I have been trying out the lastest dvdfab—trial version.
I am using 2.4x verbatim and have 2 toshiba dvd players.
On my hi end player the player freezes at the layer break and the cheaper player jumps but still keeps playing.
Is there a fix coming thru with dvdfab soon as I like the program.On nero recode there is no problem freezing but you cant set the burn speed.
Looking for a good program to burn dual layer discs and burn movie only.

Fengtao has reported been working on, no ETA that I have seen.

Hi Denass,

Please send the log files to our burning engine vendor “VSO”, they will help you to fix the problem.


Also please let us know the progress, thanks.

Best Regards,

Hi Fengtao
Thanks for your reply
will send off files later to where you have stated

Fengtao, thanks for response, however pretty sure this issue has been acknowledged as an issue in past, to be corrected in a future version of Fab, or VSO engine if that the culprit. This has what has led to many loyal Fab users to turn to anydvd, dvddecrytper,imgburn solution for DL…If VSO solves for this user, could the udpated engine, dll, or whatever be posted for everyone to enjoy? Thanks.


Last word from portmac (VSO) was that he is waiting to hear from the developer.

Hi Guys
I have sent off the log files to ken and he has replied that its been sent off to the dev team.
Glad that they respond so quickly.
Hope a solution is found soon
thanks guys for the fast response

I’ve been experimenting with the LB issue and I found that nothing I can do with DVDFab will make a good DL LB copy. For splitting discs Gold is the best and Express works great for compressing to one disc. But neither can handle the LB issue to my liking. I tried using Gold to rip to an ISO and ImgBurn to burn but ImgBurn gives me errors 90% of the time when I try to burn the ISO files. I have had success with ImgBurn but too many coasters for me using that program. Don’t know why that is but on my setup ImgBurn does not work for me.

I installed the trial version of slysoft anydvd, cloneCD and cloneDVD. If I rip to an ISO with cloneCD/anydvd and then burn with cloneDVD I get a perfect DL copy. The Line Break is in the same place as the original. On my players the LB works the same as the original DVD’s Line Break. I’ve tried several DVD titles that I know where the Line Break is and this combination works for me.

I have a music DVD where the LB is between songs (as it should be). On the original there is a short pause and then the disc plays on. Using the above anydvd/cloneCD/cloneDVD to backup the disc the LB works just like the original. On this title I tried anydvd with just cloneDVD and the LB on this title was in the same place as the original (coincidence? I don’t know) but on my high end DVD player the LB is barely noticeable. I can see it but it’s faster then the original.

okay, so logfiles to VSO probably not the solution here…(developer being Fengtao). To me at moment, the big “hole” in the application. Tom, BTW, for express backups, I have let anydvd run also - have had no issues, and since they are REALLY on the update bandwagon, believe benefit at times…Actually that should be an option with Express, to be able to uncheck the protection removal, currently you cannot… Really think the core ripper/burn combo of Express the best (except DL of course), but ability to use another decoder would be nice.

Given the way that AnyDVD operates, would Express even know the disc was copyprotected if AnyDVD is running? If it does not, then it shouldn’t try to remove anything, and should work without conflict.

Of course I could be wrong here…just a thought.


CloneDVD does not preserve the layer break. CloneCD does however. I see no reason to use CloneCD to rip to an ISO then burn with CloneDVD. Just let CloneCD do the whole process, rip and burn.

Hmmm… Will CloneCD burn a DL DVD disc? I thought it would only burn to CDs. I just used the CloneDVD’s burn an ISO file just as I would use ImgBurn to do the same. (only imgburn does not work for me) Now I’m going to have to try just using CloneCD. If that’s the case it makes it even easier. :iagree:

Larry from my searching on Google VSO is made by another party and used in many burning programs other than Fab & VSO SW. I’m not sure all the programs I think ImgBurn may require the VSO driver. I know that DVD Decrypter required a driver and people leave it installed and rename ImgBurn to make programs that look for DVD Decryper such as DVD Shrink.

I wonder if Fab on DLs starts inside writing outward, LB, then write from outside toward the center. I have read that there are programs that start the other layer on the inside too. Probably to complicated for this old brain, but thought I would throw it into discussion.


I paid for DVD Fab a few months ago, thinking that it performed DL copying. I didn’t realize that it has a problem at the layer break. I have tried to do a DL copy with each new version of DVD Fab (both express and Gold) the last few months, and have been disappointed each time. I am getting tired of wasting my money on DVD+R DL discs, so I don’t think I’ll try anymore unless the developer posts that the software has been fixed. I’ve only been reading this board recently and haven’t come across a post from the developer acknowleging the problem. Could someone please point me to that post? I’ve seen the post referencing the “burning” problem, but is this the same thing? My DL discs seem to burned OK, but the problem occurs during playback, at the layer break. Thanks to anyone who replies.

Hey Larry,

Sorry to be so long getting back to you…ditto on all that, I do exactly the same. I’m not sure about the developer for DL and VSO…I got the impression portmac was referring to the VSO deveopment team???..who knows ??? I suspect that we won’t see the improvements to the LB until the new release of v. 3.*, again just a guess…I know Fengtao is busy as hell and doing the best he can.


A few of us have done quite a bit of experimentation with DL and fab. Unfortunately, the most comprehensive thread was lost with the sabotage and destruction of the old forum. We found the LB issue to be very player dependent and much less of an issue when burned through nero recode2; there are other options as well. I know this is not ideal - to say the least, but I believe it’s only temporary. If you’re interested, take a look at this thread.

Hi Guys
I have been hoping to hear back from the development team about the DL problem but havent heard a thing since sending off the details they wanted.
It would be nice if we had some response on this.
I was going to purchase this product but will give it a miss now due to the DL problem.
I am hoping nero recode2 fixes the speed burning option in their program.
It burns at max only and for me it was 8x on a verbatim 2.4 disc.
Still looking for a program that does DL movie only well.

CloneCD + AnyDVD for DL Backups.

Note: That’s CloneCD not CloneDVD. Run AnyDVD and then use CloneCD to copy to an ISO file. Use CloneCD to burn the ISO to a Verbatium DL DVD. :smiley: