Dvd Labels

Just learned by reading this forum that sticky labels are a no-no :o What is the best way to remove the sticky labels from a DVD
I want to see if some of the disks are saveable
Thank you for your support

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For what I know the best way to recover these discs is to burn them again. Even if you carefully remove labels, there will remain some glue residuals that can create problems. There is also the risk to warp discs, and make more damage than label itself.

tried burning them but get to many errors. only thing i can see wrong with the disks is the label

It could be also a low quality disc. What discs are you using?

verbatim dvd-r 16x

If labeled disc can’t be read anymore, the only thing you can do is trying to recover data using a different drive (ask to a friend if you have only one drive). Some drives are able to read damaged discs better than other.

If you are able to recover a disc, then burn it again.

Sorry, I’m not able to suggest a good way to remove labels without warping or damage the disc :frowning:

no problem sir thnx for the help

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Before you throw them out, there should be a way to remove the labels.

I’d try peeling them off with my fingernail. If there is a sticky residue, a petroleum based solvent will dissolve most sticky adhesives. Mineral spirits/paint thinner will probably work. Of course it’s volatile and flammable. Gasoline/lighter fluid would have the same effect but it’s even more volatile and flammable.

The top as well as the bottom of a DVD is polycarbonate plastic and my guess is it wouldn’t be affected. If the seal between the top and bottom is bad, and I guess that’s often the case, I don’t know what damage the solvent might do to the recording layer.

I’ve used alcohol to clean DVDs and so far they haven’t been damaged. Alcohol might also remove the sticky stuff, but it would probably take longer.

If you remove the labels and they are sticky and you are afraid of the solvent, it is possible to put a paper label on that should last long enough to make a copy. In my ignorance, I put paper labels on a few DVDs about a year ago. They still work. I was careful to get them centered. I used the Memorex labels because their labels have a hole in the middle that’s the same diameter as the disc. Carefully using the plastic jig, I did a pretty good job of centering.

The Sure Thing labels have holes that are bigger than the holes in the discs and are harder to get centered. I had to stick them on and pull them off a few times to get it right.

I’m not advocating the use of sticky labels. But at least in my case they worked for a year and counting.

As long as you are very careful, I recommend giving something called “Goo Gone” a shot, really good at removing sticky substances. I would recommend using a q-tip and applying it lightly.

I find peeling labels off books, vinyl or whatever come off in bigger junks if as you lift the label, you break the “glue threads” with a toothpick. Just constantly move the pick back and forth where the label is still stuck to the surface as you peel it.
That will make the goo off or whatever a lot easier to use.

Or you can try soaking them in warm water. That loosens the glue that holds the label onto the surface and then you can use a credit card (or something similar) to scrape of the label.

Since this thread is more about the labeling (or un-labeling) of media than it is about the media itself, I’m moving the thread from the Blank Media forum to the CD & DVD Printing and Labeling forum.

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I’ve always had luck with WD-40.
Just spray WD-40 on the label and let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
The label will then easily come off. Once off, you can wipe the remaining glue off and then you should be able to read the disc and make a copy.

WD-40 is like Duck tape, you can use it for lots of things. It’s also great for killing wasps instantly…

What is the best way to remove the sticky labels from a DVD
I have found one of the best ways to remove a “glue” substance from any surface is “butter”. Apply a thin film of butter to the area, let sit for awhile, (maybe overnight), & the glue will simply wipe off with a paper towel. It will soak thru the label too, making for easy removal.

Much nicer than using a smelly solvent, such as WD40, lighter fluid, etc. :iagree:

regards, katzz:)

Oh what? Labels are bad? I was so excited about getting some labels. Guess I’ll have to stick with Sharpies. :frowning:

Cigarette Liquid lighter fluid works great.