DVD label printers

Can you buy cheap DVD label printers, which print directly on to the DVD?
Thank you

If so please may you suggest a list of printers?


They are all “cheap”

Like around $100…look around for a deal, but don’t buy junk

I like the Canon iP5000…used it for a couple of years without any problems. I think it has been replaced by the iP5200, but there’s a range of models which do the job nicely

I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong if you use the manufacturer’s inks and good discs…yeah and read the instructions!

Do you want to print on inkjet-printable DVDs or on Thermal-printable DVDs (also works on plain unbranded DVDs) ?

What is the difference between inkjet-printable DVDs and Thermal-printable DVDs?


Inkjet printable DVDs are made with a top layer that absorbs ink, and can be printed on using inkjet printers with special CD/DVD trays and using dedicated CD/DVD inkjet printers such as the DYMO DiscPainter.

Thermal printable DVDs have a smooth top layer that is well suited for special thermal transfer printers, but they cannot be used in inkjet printers.

Inkjet printers dominate the market for home users, while thermal printers are almost exclusively used professionally, with a few exceptions such as the Casio CW series and other “Disc Title” printers.

Which is the best printer to have then, if i want to have quality looking dvds?

Thank you

A Taiyo Yuden Watershield printable CD or DVD combined with a quality inkjet printer can produce some stunning results.
I prefer Canon printers but others have had good results with Epson and HP.