DVD Label and Case Insert Creator

What software is good for creating labels to print directly on DVD and for creating case insert desgins to print on DVD case inserts. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Nero Cover Designer is what I use.

where did you get nero cover designer? is there anywhere i can get it for free?

I think that when I wrote that 5 years ago I had Nero 6. I haven’t used it in years. Sorry, I don’t know what’s good now as I store most stuff on hard drives and when I do burn a disk, I use a Sharpie.

I think Nero Cover Designer is not available for free, but only included within the full Nero suite. I’m using it myself for labeling discs.

I think Surething’s is a decent product but it’s not for free. Cheap, though, and their support forum is top-notch - that’s worth the price alone. We’ve used it for years (since Version 2) and for the first time, Version 5 saves their projects in a format that the older version can’t read. That’s not pleasant - you can’t go backwards.

But not too many software packages do that anyway, so this isn’t unusual.

The Nero labeler comes with the Nero products. It doesn’t offer enough graphics-tools for my tastes, which is why I prefer Surething, which still doesn’t offer as much as CorelDraw. Of course.

Free, though? Hmmm… here’s one. Memorex’s DesignStudio.

I haven’t used this in years, but the QuickStart guide reminds me that it was a Win95-98 package. You might try it.

It did have one great Graphics Tool that only Corel barely matched - the ability to ‘grab’ any point of a picture and go into “manual distort mode”, pulling or crunching the picture, point by point, if I wanted to.

This made ‘fitting’ square objects into a round-CD shape so easy. I could turn any photo into a RUBBER SOUL album cover. [I]“When I wake up early in the morning, lift my head, I’m still yawning…”[/I]

I have not downloaded or used CDBurnerXP, but there are comments about it that include its ‘cover art’ - but maybe this is the LabelFlash stuff? Don’t know… but you might check up on CDBurnerXP, too.