Dvd-lab questions

Hey there, i have two questions about DVD-lab!

  1. What does that little green thing at the lower-right corner of my screen? Currently it is half green and there is the text 2,33 GB on it, is this an DVD-space indicator that goes up to 4,7 GB?

  2. I have made a nice little menu, but i imported an image (movie title) into it, when i look in the layers screen, it says it a button, but i dont want to, i just want it to be an image! When I click paste attributes nothings pops up!

I am using evulation version 1.1

:rolleyes: Marco:rolleyes:

Yes, the number your refering to is the current dvd size.

To import your fancy menu, in the bottom left window, click the Images tab, then right click in there and select Import Image. Then drag to your Menu box.