DVD-Lab question. help please

Hello all,

I have been using DVD-Lab for a couple of days now and getting the hang of it!

However, I do have one question…for now at least! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why the text color you choose is never the color under simulation?

For example, if I choose white for the text color, it appears pink under sumulation. Green appears grey, etc…etc.

Is there a reason for this? I want the color I pick to be the color it will show! :a

Any help appreciated…

With your menu selected, click the Map button.
Your Normal color is the color of the text when not highlighted
Selected is the color when “hovered” over
Activated is the color when enter/action is taken on that link.
Adjust the slider to adjust the transparency from the color you selected and the color selected in the Map section. Then simulate to check the colors…


Thanks for the reply.

I only have one text link on one of the menus though…
Could it be that the one link is automatically highlighted
and that is why it is appearing pink?

If you have only one text link, then the Normal and Selected will be the same (since it is always selected). The reason it is Pink is because you need to change the color in the Map section for the selected color on #3. You can either make the selected value transparent (slide all the way to the left), or make it the same coclor as your normal color.

Thank you!
I will try that then.

This program appears to be really good. I’m wondering if you can answer the following as well…

The PRO version offers support for VGM menus. I’ve read that a lot of DVD players do not support VTS menus so VGM would be the best option.

However, when using the PRO version, I can only have one VGM menu. If I right-click and try to add another, it adds it under VTS menus. Should I worry about this? Or is there only one VGM menu that can be created? I’m looking for maximum compatibility.


I have only tried the Pro version for a few projects and never really got into the different types of menus. I author DVD’s for bands and other people… and nobody has ever had any compatibility problems with the DVD’s I’ve authored with DVDLab reular version.