DVD LAB PRO - Slides and Video Clips together


The question is simple:

I have both slides and camera clips (15 sec. each) to add the same project.
I understand that in DVP I can enter the camera clips in the Movie1 object and Slides in the Show1 object.
Now, my problem is that I have for instance, 80 slides, but if I want to follow the “time” sequence, in between the 80 slides I have also some of the camera clips.
So, for instance:

Slide 1 -> 12
Camera Clip no 13
Slide 14 -> 50
Camera Clips 51 - 52 - 53
Slides 54-> 80

So far, I only found the following solution, but it looks too complicated to me:

Show1: Slide 1 -> 12
Show2: Slide 14 -> 50
Show3: Slides 54-> 80

Movie1: Camera Clip no 13
Movie2: Camera Clips 51 - 52 - 53

Why complicated?
Because I have around 2000 slides and 60 Video clips, therefore I tend to make Shows objects that contain the highest possible number of slides, 90 to 99 at least.
In between, I should enter the relevant Camera Clips.
If I do according to the principle above, I end up to have an enormous number of Shows objects, 60 Movies objects to link, it’s hell.

I’m sure there’s a better way, but I cannot find it so far, maybe you can help?


I think what your doing is the “way around” it :wink: Your right, a pain in the butt.

Maybe the use of a program like Pro Show Gold is more suitable for your needs and you can get more than 99 clips/slides on as well.