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Hello guys!

I have been trying, for some time, to find a way to have the same music for all menus playing continuous. When i go to a diferent menu i want to continue to hear the same music at the same point from the previous menu…

Thanks a lot for any help!!!



Sorry i don’t understand what you mean, could you try and explain it again?



Sorry for not being clear, my apologies!

I want to have a background music playing while iam browsing the menus in my DVD.

With DVD-lab PRO i only managed to have one music for each menu and not one music for all menus. Even if i put the same music in all menus, when i go to a diferent menu he starts the music from the begening instead of continue to play the music at the same point from the previous menu.

Is it possible to have the same music for all menus in the DVD, so that the music plays non-stop while iam browsing the DVD?

Thanks so much for your time and atention!




Not possible. Each Menu has its own audio stream which will play from the beginning at the time the menu is viewed(from the start). What you could try instead would be to use Motion Menus with the subpicture changing as per the menu choices(but even in this the menu will play the audio form the beginning,I think(just thinking aloud).

Hope this helps.


Hello again!

unicorn23`and Jack_Hammerx thanks for the help!

I will try the motions menu…

Unicorn23’ do you know other DVD authoring software that might be more complete than DVD-lab PRO?

Thanks again for all your help!!!



Hi Ikki,

Used to logon as Unicorn23` but have been inactivated for some reason. As far as your question goes in the reasonable category of softwares Dvd Lab pro is the best(i.e. sub 1000$ range) and daresay the easiest to use with the greatest flexibility but if you do not want all the menu features which this offers and want something simpler thenTMpg DVD author is the way to go.

Now if you really got some dough to burn then Sonic Scenarist is the “most complete” you could possible get in DVD authoring softwares but mind you it is 1000$+( do not know the exact price, even Hollywood uses it/ DVd Maestro is equally good).

Hope this helps.
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Thanks. Really appreciate your kind words. Hope what I said about Dvd Lab pro and the other softwares “DID” help you out. Update me on what s/w you finally settled on and how was your experience with it.

PS: Did you try out the motion menu thing. Did it work out?



I have been using DVD-lab PRO and had a chance to see DVd Maestro and Sonic Scenarist, and i must say DVD-lab PRO is, using your own words, the easiest to use with the greatest flexibility. I didnt really had a chance to “play” with the other two, but from what i could see, i was a bit disapointed. DVD-lab PRO looks so much better and in no time i was able to do some pretty cool stuff with it, i cant say the same about the others. DVD-lab PRO is more intuitive i think, and has a lot of potential…

About the motions menu, i dont have much time now, college exams, so i didnt put much tought or effort to it, but when i get a break i will give my best to make it work! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your help!!!




Glad to be of help.


Hy guy …I have a big problem with my dvd lab pro…i have 2 movies and 20 songs…I want to put the movies together and the song on background playing continuos one by one from the begining of the movie till the end (30 min one and 30 min the other one)…

Help !!! :bow:



This is covered in the manual and in the main site tutorials and its support forum.

Basically you must join the movies together and put in the Video timeline and join all the songs together and put in the Audio timeline. Make sure the total time of video and audio match, else you just have to trim one of them.


There is no such thing in the manual or in some tutorials… I’m searching for some time…thanks any way !


If you have a motion picture, audio will play as long as video is going.
In still picture audio will play to the end of audio.
What [B]toaddub[/B] is telling you is that if you have two movies and want them to play as one, you have to join them first, than join all your audio files an import all this to DVD Lab.
Like him and I said before, make sure that combined audio file is as long( in minutes ) as your video file, otherwise audio will be cut off at the end of video play.
Other way would be to import two separate movies into the same VTS and link end of first to start of second, make two audio files, each with half of the songs and set one audio file to each movie. Running time rule still apply. You may get slight pause when end of first movie go to start of second, but it will work.