DVD-Lab Pro Compiler Error



I am new at this, but I captured a 50 min. home video. Using Pinnacle I edited the film. I rendered it into 3 parts as a Mpeg2 file. I then created a menu using DVD-Lab Pro and importd the respective mpeg2 files. I tried to compile and received a message concerning a compiler error. It also mentioned non elementary files, demultiplex them first. I ran them through that TMPGEnc to encode, and tried again… and I received the same message.


Try using TMPGEnc’s MPEG tools and demultiplex your original Pinnacle output into seperate streams. Tehn load the seperate streams into DVD Lab.


I have the same problem. My video material multiplex m2v and ac3 5.1.
DVDLab pro have error Why?
Because audio and video material have differend timeline.
video have 2:12:54:102
Audio have 2:12:54:107

That`s the problem

You must again re-encode audio and video material together witch the same software Mainconcept,… etc. Maybe one way is only stereo ac3 not 5.1

Or build new compilation witch other software sonic scanarist,pinacle studio,unlead videostudio,TM encoder,…