DVD LAB help please

I have been transferring ty files (NBA Games) from my tivo and converting them to DVD. When making my own menus in DVD-Lab, how can you have the bmp or jpg being used for the menu to fill the screen. I’ve tried resizing the file to 720*480 and that has not worked.

Does anybody know of a way to have DVD-Lab auto fill the screen or auto size the menu?

nobody here has any experience w/ DVD-Lab?

In project properties, after setting “widescreen movie display on 4:3” and “widescreen menu display on 4:3” to pan & scan, my menus were shown correctly on my tv. Before they were too big on the tv. BTW VTS properties are set to the same as project properties. You can also set the menu size in the project properties and the size of the menu background pic don’t as the program just scales that pic to the size chosen for the menu. But of course a small, bad quality picture will look bad.
Don’t know if that helps or is correct.

All you need to do is drag your image (I believe it has to be a JPG, but I may be wrong) into the Menu 1 box and grab (left click and hold down) the corners and/or sides and drag the image around the box until you have it appear the way you want it.