DVD-Lab has no sound


I encountered a strange problem with DVD-Lab and DVD-Lab Pro, may I request for your advise on this one.

My project contains two items, an movie and a slide show.
Here are the file format:

File type = mpeg2
Frame size = 720x480
Frame rate = 29.97
Audio format = 16 bit, stereo
Sample rate = 48 kHz

Format = jpeg

Audio (used as background for the slide show and DVD menu)
Format = Microsoft wave
Bit rate = 16 bit
Sample rate = 48 kHz

DVD Player Used:
InterVideo WinDVD5
Philips DVD player appliance

Here is the problem during playback:
With DVD-lab 1.3, the slide show has no sound, no problems with the movie though.
With DVD-lab Pro 1.53, the movie has no sound, no problems with the slide show, it plays with the background audio I set it with.

Please advise, I suspect this to be a codec problem, but I’m not sure.


What says the creator of both programs about this??

Preview is for video only to help with chapter settings,audio in preview playback is not supported.

I have the same problem both with the compiled file on my PC and when I burn to DVD. It plays ok with PowerDVD but not Windows Media Player or VLC Player (there’s no sound on the movie and the first 3 photos in one of my 2 slideshows are skipped but the sound works for the slideshows) and it won’t play right on either of my DVD players.

Anyone solved this yet?


That occurs because VLC media player starts out the DVD by playing the TITLE rather than the FIRST PLAY item unlike the majority of hardware and software players that start playing the FIRST PLAY first. You probably failed to link the TITLE item to the main menu (you do this in “connections”).

TITLE and FIRST PLAY both appear to link to my menu. The menu works fine on any player, but when you select a movie from the menu there’s no sound (on most players - both hardware and software).

The sound works on the photo slideshows, but the first few photos are skipped so you have the sound start but the menu still on screen and then after a few seconds it starts showing the photos but skips the ones it should’ve shown in those few seconds.