DVD Just Bangs Around In Drive - Won't Boot




I have a SONY DRX-500UL which has been working fine until recently. Now, when I insert a DVD it just thrashes and bangs around in the drive but does not boot up for playing or copying. When the thrashing activity eventually it stops, I’ll open the tray and try again. Sooner or later it will boot to the disc but what a pain! This doesn’t happen ‘every’ time, but most of the time. I have Sony’s latest firmware update (f). Any thoghts or suggestions?



weird, i would have the drive rma’d. My liteon cd burner did that once, but that was because there was already one cd in the tray when i put it in. Yes, it was dumb, but it was dark and i coulndt see it.

But i seriously doubt thats your case.