DVD Jumps every 3 seconds

Hello everyone,

I am new here so would like to say hello to everyone.

The reason i am writing here is i am having a problem with nero. Everytime i burn a disc off and watch it back i have a little stop every 3 seconds or so. This is only small but noticable as i know it is there. Could anyone please recommend a solution to this or possibly recommend a burning software that wont do this?

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated…ta

What brand of media are you using?

I have used all sorts from tesco own to memorex, to sony and they all do the same.

when i open the nero burnin window it seems to skip when i play it back at the smae places it seems to stop quick when it is encoding it…just wondered if there was software i could use instead that wouldnt encode with these pauses…do you understand or you want me to go in depth a little more?

thakns for helping…nything else you wanna know?

Can you post the Nero burn log?