DVD jumps during playback

:confused: Hi,
I am trying to duplicate a wedding dvd I created. I have extracted the vob files using DVD backup, and then created a video_ts folder using DVD2ONEX. the problem is when I play this back on my DVD player it plays about 2seconds of the beggining of each chapter then skips to the next chapter and so on and so on. I created a folder called WEDDING(capitals) put the VIDEO_TS folder containing all the footage under WEDDING. Also created the AUDIO_TS folder under WEDDING and used TOAST 5.1.2 DVD option to burn the footage. I’ve been using a Pioneer DVD -RW and it hasn’t worked. I tested the VIDEO_TS folder with the Mac DVD player and all was sweet. I’m using a PPC G4 Dual 1.4. 1Gig Ram with plenty of storage.

                   Any ideas would be great.


well… i am far from being on expert on this, but i would suggest following chicken mans’ tutorial located here .

i had tons of problems when i first started backing up my dvd’s, (including chapter problems) but since using the above tutorial everything’s been fine.

hope that helps


thanks Eli,
but you’ll notice the majority of that tutorial is based on having a windows systems. I use a Mac. PowerPC G4. I’ve looked and tried using mac tutorials but they can take up to 12 hours, and have an additional 4-5 steps. DVD2ONEX is suppose to get rid of that. I am still having no success.

Sussed it out.
A few issues. 1) The version of DVD2onex was 1.0.1 upgraded to 1.1
2) the media I was using a cd-rw that was also causing grief.

Basically fixed these two things up and burnt it onto a new dvd-r and all was sweet.:slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry couldn’t help, never used a mac! :o

good to hear you sussed it out for yourself though :smiley: