DVD -Jukebox / loading multiple DVD's

Does anybody know if there is a DVD writer out there that can automatically load more than 1 Disk after you’ve finished with the 1st disk. Some old stand alone CD players used to be able to play 4 or more CD’s one after the other.

I’m backing up regularly 12 - 15 GB and more of data – it would be great to start an unattended backup job and go to bed etc instead of having to insert the next DVD and press continue every time.

The only way I can see of doing this at the moment is with a large capacity DAT tape drive – I certainly don’t want to go down this route.

I’ve Google searched this but the only info I’ve got on DVD jukeboxes is hopeless.

BTW I know a lot of you on this site are Web designers. I come from a less computer orientated but more Sales background so could I make a plea to you:

PLEASE DON’T PUT QUICK DESCRIPTIONS IN PDF FORMAT – if I’m just looking for a brief info an HTML doc is fine. A PDF doc is fine for a downloadable manual but as a quick on line reference tool forget it (and I have ADSL – so what it’s like fo dial up modem users well you can guess).