DVD Jon says recording industry is doomed

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Jon Johansen has become a sort of figurehead for consumers rights. He has gained a global recognition for his efforts in the so-called “fair use” arena and it is well deserved too. He…

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“DVD Jon says recording industry is doomed” Oh how i want to SOOO Believe that.

If they don’t change, they will be.

Powerful people don’t fall out of power easily. If the do fall apart they won’t go quietly and it won’t be quick or soon.

Well the problem is they will go out of business, when the rest of the world gets a freaking clue on how much they are ripping us off. But then again we are dealing with the same people who think that because they buy a computer, they never have to learn how to use it cause tha tis what us Tech people are for. Arrogant and ignorant. Gotta love sheeple. Majority rules, and we my friends, are the minority.

“Powerful people don’t fall out of power easily. If the do fall apart they won’t go quietly and it won’t be quick or soon”… Au contraire mon ami, Powerful people, when they fall, fall long and hard, it’s the only way we can vindicate our misplaced trust and stupidity. What is arduous and frustrating is getting them to a position where they take the plunge… :X

Do you mean John, not Jon? Anyway, there are millions of people and they have all an opinion. I don’t see why this one would be able to predict close future. Sure, logically it is sound that the music industry one day will have to cope with the internet and the “evil” of sharing it brings. Everyone knows that changes are “a-coming.” There is no question. Yet everyone is interested in a date when the change will take place. No one can give that. So, his “prediction” is lame without a date.

His name is Jon Lech Johansen, so DVD Jon.

With due respect for each other opinion, music industry really has to adapt to the new times and market conditions. But there is one face of the subject that we shall look, besides I fear we will loose again, and that’s in quality grounds…!!! Downloaded music, unless we get really WIDE band conditions to receive uncompressed signals, will always be the result of an algorithm that leaves something behind… It will not be noticeable to peolpe using portables or PCs, but just try a good sound system …!!! This doesn’t mean all CDs are good: some are just crap, but the reason sales were coming down (it seems 2004 figures are not going the downward path in several areas) is also related to the musical contents quality, most like musical fasrfood from purpose built groups that nobody will remeber at all in a short while !!!

things are not as bad as they used to be. long ago i had to shell out 14-16 bucks to get the two good songs that i liked as well as the rest of a mediocre album. today with iTunes and the like, i can buy only the song i want without the rest of the album “filler”. so do the math - i can burn a disc with 15 excellent songs for 15 bucks where as before i had to buy 10-15 albums for a total of about $200 - to get the same 15 good songs. that’s progress. and the recording industry is not “going away” so fast - the marketing of new “talent” can only be achieved with deep pockets (most times).

It’s true that when powerful people fall out of power, they usually fall hard. That’s probably why they tend to fight so darned hard to keep the status quo. In the process, whether manage to survive the fight or not, they’ll take a lot of innocent people down with them. We’ve already seen this, as music execs have started swinging the RIAA at P2P users, P2P developers, and even people who have would never have thought any of this BS would even remotely involve them, but they got caught up in it anyways.

In the day, the time of my youth my son, I well remember being able to buy a record (that was a BIG disc with lines on it that produced music, no, the only way to carry your music with you was with a tape recorder, no, not an mp3 recorder, you could not have one of those implanted behind you ear like you have, your head would not have fitted through the door,) like I was saying, I remember buying 'Yellow Brick Road" and every song on it was worth listening to back in the day an ARTIST told a Record (I have explained what they are) Company what they wanted on the record, not the other way around, that is what brought about the 'MUSIC REVOULATION" (as we know it) of the Second Millennium. The consumers rose up against the Evil Empire of the RIAA, tore down their castles and sent their politician mates packing never to be heard of again, good night son, remember to click your heals to turn off your video implant!

Music today isn’t bad. You just need to know where to look. The only difference between your time and mine is that the good music is harder to find, and all the sh*t music is being pushed in our faces by the record industry. I’ve found more good free music by independent artists then the bad music the industry is asking me to buy. This is probably one reason why the RIAA wants to shut down P2P. It’s the most inexpensive way for independent artists to share their music with others. In your time all the good music had to be bought. Thats the way the RIAA still wants it.

Problem is itunes encodes music with a crappy 128kbps quality and protects songs with DRM crap. No way I’d buy that, it’s a ripoff.

…“skipping commercials is something that may not be tolerated much longer”…wtf is this? actually that is one reason i buy dvd movies before they reach television. and that`s why i get to the movies 5 min. late…whats next someone putting a gun to your head to make you watch commercials ?:frowning:

" I can burn a disc with 15 excellent songs for 15 bucks "…LOL I can do THAT for free !!:B

its not free idiot!! someone else pays the price.

Free music is available - it does not have to be commercial to be good…