DVD Jon & programmers build tool to buy DRM-free iTunes

I just posted the article DVD Jon & programmers build tool to buy DRM-free iTunes.

  A team of  independent programmers including  the DVD DeCSS John Johansen have developed PyMusique, an iTunes  store interface that both allows Linux users to purchase from the iTunes  store as...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10012-DVD-Jon--programmers-build-tool-to-buy-DRM-free-iTunes.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10012-DVD-Jon--programmers-build-tool-to-buy-DRM-free-iTunes.html)

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Jon Johansen again… I love that guy, because of CSS… It’s Apple time… :B

Although I can see that Mr. Johansen’s work has worth and noble (if not controversial) intentions, the fact is that electronic distribution of DRM’d music is now upon us and is most likely here to stay, regardless of Mr. Johansen’s efforts. Companies like Apple, Napster, Real & Microsoft have sunk too much money into digital music to let it die as a result of “h@ck3rz”. The RIAA doesn’t really give a crap about these computer companies because all they care about is themselves and where their next revenue stream is going to come from; if digital music distribution dies, big deal, they’ll just step up selling copy-protected CDs and suing P2P users. If anything, all the publicity Mr. Johansen gets is just forcing Apple to make their DRM tougher (and I don’t for one second believe that Apple WANTS to make their DRM tougher; they have to in order to appease the RIAA). Jon’s not dumb, and he knows that everytime he demonstrates one of Apple’s weaknesses, the RIAA notices and Apple HAS to act by toughening theit DRM. By no means am I suggesting that Jon stop what he’s doing - there are legitimate purposes for his work (just as there are legitimate purposes for cd cracks - don’t get me started on game CD copy protection; doesn’t everybody hate Macrovision and their SafeDisc?), but when news gets blown up so disproportionately (people love knocking Apple) that the iTMS has been compromised, that just gives the RIAA one more reason to make things more difficult for everyone. The amount of news coverage of Jon’s work is ridiculously disproportionate when you consider that outside of the small but well-informed group of people who are aware of Jon’s work, there are many millions of people who are blissfully ignorant of all the restrictions imposed DRM and yet life still goes on and people can still listen to their 99 cent download on their iPods.

Well, I don’t know anything about Norwegian law, but I can only see this being a bad idea from Jon’s point of view seeing how strongly Apple have been going after people of late (websites publishing leaks, etc…).