DVD issue

Hi all,

I am having a strange issue with my comp. I have recently purchased this X-MEN 1.5 DVD disc and have been able to watch the movie on my computer. The problem starts with the Extras DVD. If I try watching this DVD with either PowerDVD, WinDVD or WMP, it doesn’t play. I mean I get to see the 20th Century Fox opening visual, but that’s it. Then everything goes black, and all I can hear are voices in the background. But PowerDVD exits with an error while WinDVD continues on and so does WMP.
So I downloaded VLC player and guess what, the DVD works absolutely fine with this software. All other DVD’s that I have work fine with all the above mentioned software except for this one which works only with VLC player. Anybody got any ideas about this issue?

Aquarius. :slight_smile:

My OS is WinXP and I am using a Samsung SD-616F DVD-ROM drive.

Are the versions of your DVD playing softwares perhaps very outdated? I wouldn’t be wondered if an update of PowerDVD would resolve the issues with WMP and WinAmp, as I know they use some shared libraries that originate from PowerDVD…


sorry for the late reply. No, both the versions of PowerDVD and WinDVD are latest versions (5 for both) and WMP is 9 version. Still the same problem with these software, but no problem with VLC player.

Aquarius. :o