Dvd issue

Hi can anyone help - running xp -can see normal dvds in explorer - but cant see a dvd on a rw+ dvd. The dvd runs on dvd player and iso files can be seen on sons computer. Also dvdrw icon in explrer changes to a cd .
updated firmware with no change ? anyone help, thanks.

So the icon in explorer is incorrect? Why is this a problem? There are many discrepancies with XP Explorer. Can the file be played?

thanks for reply - xp cant even see the files on the dvd rw disk - so i cant copy them or play them etc.

It depends how the RW disk was created. Was it by your system or somebody else’s.

Maybe the RW dvd wasn’t finalized, and that could cause problems. Or your drive might not like the brand of media. Try it in someone elses dvd burner and see what happens.