I have downloaded few programs (Legal ofcourse) for the PS2, and they’re in DVD ISO Format (.iso, but for DVD) is it possible to convert them for it to be burned on a normal CD, its around 110MB, which I assume should fit on normal CD. Or it has something to do with the physical stuff.


Give it a try with ImgBurn. It certainly handles the conversion of CD ISO to DVD ISO on the fly. My guess would be that it would work the other way round as well. What’s to loose? 1 CD-R.


You should also be able to change the format by using UltraISO, which is a $30 shareware tool that will do almost anything with ISO and other disc image formats.


Well, I’m not sure about that so maybe someone will correct me but…
IMO there are no “DVD ISO images” and “CD ISO images”… just ISO(9660) images. The only limit being the size, of course. :wink:
I mean that [I]if I have an ISO image that fits on a CD, I can burn it either on a CD or a DVD[/I]… at least this is what I am able to do with Nero, without any conversion…



That’s what I thought too, eltranquil. But then again, I’m no expert on the matter either.


The thing is I don’t have DVDWriter, I use HDDs for my backups. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any more suggestions?


I never tried doing it in Windows but I know it works in [B]Linux[/B] using [B] K3b[/B] lot of the Linux stuff I have sent to me are DVD ISO and if they are under 650 MB I normally burn it onto a CD.


Mount the iso, extract the content to hdd and then part it.


If you have the iso image in your HDD, did you try to ask Nero to burn it to the CD?
The problem will probably be the “nature” of the files - to the PS2 - not the media you want to with them to, but what you’ll be able to do with them from the CD.


Just use magicdisc to mount iso image as virtual cd. you can directly extract it or run program from virtual cd.