DVD ISO Image to CD's ISO Image; is it possible?

Hi all!
I am a newbie about these matters, so I am sorry if my question is very basic …
I have downloaded a big (2,3 GB) DVD Image File (ISO). Unfortunately, I haven’t a DVD-RW hardware, only CDR-W. So, my question would be :

  1. Is it possible to convert a original “DVD ISO Image” to a “CD ISO Image”, by “breaking” (splitting) it to put onto a many CD’s (In my sample, onto a 04 CD’s)?
  2. If the answer is YES, how could I do this “magic”, please ? Is there any freeware to convert it ?

Any information/hint would be very appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance


No need just mount the image with something like daemon tools. This creates a virtual drive on your machine so you can load the image into it and install / play the software from there.

Hi and be welcome!

What kind of DVD is this you downloaded? If it’s software, splitting will be very hard. Video’s though can be split in several 700mb discs!

Thanks for your reception, Dee-ehn!
The file I have downloaded is really a softw… Which kind of tool I could use to “split” it, please? Its not clear for me if it is possible …