DVD is just too darn big. Two disks the answer?

I am attempting to backup the movie Seven. The file is too large to fit onto one disk without compressing the main title to like 60% with DVDShrink. I use shrink to rip and dvddecryptor to burn most of the time. I cant seem to get it to burn onto two disks. Does anyone know a program that will put it onto two disks?

Next, if I have a movie that is on two disks, disregarding the reason why, can I put that back onto one disk? If so how? Thanks

I only found 1 way to split a disc so it could be put back together.

1 Rip the movie using DVD Decrypter in file mode
2. Open Nero Express and choose DVD-Video Files
3. Click Add and add all the files from the rip (yes it will be too big)
4. Locate the largest set of .VOB files (this is the main movie)
5. Starting with the highest numbered .VOB in the set remove them 1 at a time untill whats left fits on a disc
6. Burn the disc and ignore the warnings and errors
7. Take the .VOB files you removed in step 5 and put them in another folder
8. Rename the .VOB files in order starting with VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB and so on
9. Use IfoEdit to create .IFO files for the .VOBs (IfoEdit is free, just google it)
10. Burn that onto the 2nd disc

When you get to the end of the first disc it suddenly will go to a menu, pop the 2nd disc in and continue watching. If you want to rebuild the entire DVD to burn to a DL DVD or whatever it is pretty easy. Just pop in the 1st disk, drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder to somewhere on your hard drive. Put the 2nd disc in and copy just the .VOB files into the VIDEO_TS folder from the first disc. Then you have a fully rebuilt movie.

Use re-author tab and double click on the main title. Also retain only the AC 3/6 soundtrack. Probably don’t need subtitle. Now click on the Set/Start end frame icon. Copy the first xxx chapters to fill up the DVD-5 discs at 100% quality (no compression). Burn the movie. Now go back and use set/start end frame to copy remaining chapters.

To join two movies/discs, copy the VIDEO_TS folder from each disc to the hard drive. Would be best if you create folder 1 and folder 2. Now use the re-author tab to add the main title or chapters from each folder to the reauthor screen.

try DVD Fab (free version) listed here:

works like a charm for me when i want to split to 2 discs without any compression at all.

There are guides on this website that can help you with this. Even if you dont use them there is allot of good info there.


When I said

I only found 1 way to split a disc so it could be put back together.
I meant that I only found 1 way where the disc could be rebuilt with all working menus and extras. If you don’t want to keep the menus and extras there are easier ways such as the ones listed above.

Anyone know how to do this on a Mac?

I cant seem to get DVDFab to read straight off the DVD even with the 'hack" for it that is supposed to allow it. Before I installed the dvdfab hack it let me get all the way to the point of the rip then gives me an error when i start the process. Once I installed the hack, I cant even hit the continue button on the second screen after I give it the source and destination. It says “Cant access dvd” or someting along those lines. Any ideas? I had success ripping the dvd with decryptor and then using the dvdfab to split it… but that whole process took about 30 for the rip and another long while for the split. Im sure if I can get the dvdfab to do it all Ill be golden. Any ideas?

Ill have to give your idea a try furbali

DVD Fab Free+AnyDVD=your solution

This combination works great for me, never knew about dvdfab, excellent program.

Thanks for posting about it.

no prob…i like it a lot too (credit goes to someone else here, but forgot whom). i prefer having no compression at all despite having to switch discs.