DVD is jumpy for all my burns please read

Hi am new to burning dvds i download movie’s tv episode’s and when after burning them to a dvd + r or dvd - r disc using nero it always part where for a few mintunes part where its jumpy like they is dirty on the disc. The discs are brand new, all different makes and all clean, i have burned around 20 dvds and they all have a jumpy part. is they any way to fix this and please could someone tell me some dvd buring programes better than nero thanks.

Could be the files you downloaded. Where did you download them?

Use better media & burn slower.

Any burning program for DVD is better than Nero. I use ConvertXToDVD to do TV downloads and video camera downloads.

It’s best to remember everyone opinion is a subjective measure and not a consensus… I would check the source video to see if it play prior to downloading it. Also what format is it downloaded as? What version of nero are you using?