DVD is encrypted error

I have uninstalled the old version…obtained a new key and installed the newest version with a re installation of the third party plug ins and am still getting this error. this is not acceptable and I would appreciate some help in solving the problem. My OS is windows XP. Thanks.

More information is needed. Movie, version number of software. Plugin.

was using version and started getting the error. upgraded to reinstalled machinist 2 and still get the error message. movie is Shrek The Third.

Could be a bad press. Run some disc cleaner/ scratch remover on it and try again.

[B]NOTE: This Libdvdcss-2.dll is to be used in DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech, Version V4.4.7.5, or later.[/B]

Not sure where you downloaded machinist but you need the Libdvdcss-2.dll for the version you are using.

To find the Plug-In give the FAQs a read on their website http://www.dvdnextcopy.com/faq/ as the instructions are listed in FAQs#9

That didn’t work either. Also tried to back up the origional Willy Wonka. I didn’t get the error message, but it took about 30 seconds to burn and finalize and the disc will not play.

I have tried it as well with the same results.

I would email support then for further assistance.