DVD Inserts

Hey this is for anyone who uses DVD case inserts

what insert do you use and what are the best. I don’t like ones that have perferation cause it looks tacky.

any help would be great

i don’t know if this would help but i get covers and insides from here:


No i know where ti get the covers I mean the print media that you print them on.

I want a good one that dont have preferation marks

Standard US Legal size paper and a good pair of scissors.

I woudl love to do that… but I must be doing something wrong becasue they always come out slightly smaller then they need to and it looks crappy

I use a program called CoverXP with US Legal size paper. Make sure your printer is setup to use the larger paper or it will try to fit the image on standard size (which is not quite big enough). A4 paper works too (hard to find in the US).

I use Surething Labeler and Glossy cover A4 inserts. Bought from many places, Meritline, Supermediastore, etc.

I use nero cover and cheap legal size copy paper.
Then I use good quality matte imaging paper- letter size.
Tape the letter size .250 or so in from the edge of the
legal size and set nero cover to print in that area.
Only way I can fool my printer into printing on letter size.

Covers I’ve printed just use Nero Cover Designer and then print with crop marks. To cut them to size I used a stanley knife and a long ruler; line up the ruler to the crop marks and cut along carefully. I cut them on top of a piece of scrap wood you can pick up for next to nothing at B&Q.


i size my own covers in word. change the rulers to mm and enlarge the image to 185mm by 275 mm print some rough ones in black and white first before you waste ink and seewhat works for you and if you need to tweak the measurements a bit.

like everyone else i use legal sized paper.

i use the cheap kind…if you’re putting it in a dvd case under plastic it ends up looking alright as the plastic makes it seems kind of shiny. good enough for me (and cheap too!)

also, if you’re looking for covers for your backups and don’t have a scanner www.cdcovers.cc is a valuable resource.

@ udsxvp,

I use white 8 1/2” x 11” 110 pound heavy card stock and the software program called CD Box Labeler Pro (http://www.gpsoftuk.com/prod_cdbox.asp).

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hey reasonsnotrules what type of paper do you use
please tell me :bow:

I scan my covers in with my scanner then use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 to resize the image to 10.75" x 7.25" and use scissors to cut out. The most important aspect is the paper. Through much trial and error, I found HP everyday photopaper works fantastic. It’s thin enough to fit in the cover but has just enough gloss to look like the original. Also I use a HP Photosmart C4280 printer. The results are so close to the original that sometimes I get them confused.