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Hello The Group
I’m anticipating a reprimand – In the sense, this question has been asked before and I used the answer ---- BUT >>>>
I have done a “Search” and trawled through groups, and found nothing so I throw my self open to your help again!!
On my old XP OS computer – I had a piece of software that identified the type of disc being used and it’s formate – and other gems of information.
I lost this said piece of software when my Old Tower came tumbling down, I am now using a new bit of kit with Vista as its OS, and wonder if this is the hiccough i.e. was the software inclusive to Nero 6 – I am unable to get a working version of Nero with Vista
I’m fairly sure it was a stand alone program that was the “great Provider of DATA” your help Please!!!
Many thanks
TIA Clive — AKA Lord Ogmore 11


Is this the one you were seeking?


Thanks tgidday
It doesn’t look like the old one — but if it works and does the job
Thanks +++ for the heads up will keep an update!!!
Take Care


CD-DVD Speed is my preferred software :)…also there’s Nero InfoTool which can give other info about your system.

Both come with Nero, but can be downloaded separately from www.cdspeed2000.com :flower:


Thanks Archane
It looks as though it was the Nero package that I was missing.
I hope the wind was head this way over the estuary, I was extremely concerned that the expletives I utter will trying to get what is only - a just usable version - 6 of Nero.
This Vista OS is about not particularly accommodating, it didn’t want to allow me to download Nero and after half a dozen attempts I am still getting the incompatible message then – refer to web site link and then 'encourage to purchase Version I don’t need and cant afford.
Fingers Xed this VISTA SP1 they are bringing out will help, but I’m not holding my breath.
Back to business I at least have the Disc Info section.
Thanks very much and also to the rest of the contributors


Re the double send I thought it was THREE TIMES FOR A WELSH MAN!!!