DVD Info

Just bought a cakebox of 50 DVD-R from PC Club that are labeled Van Guard.
DVD Identifier sees them as Taiyo Yuden TYG02.
Anybody have experience with these? Are they the real deal?
$15.99 per 50 is pretty good.

This should be in the media forum.

I get thier weekly e-mails and see the specials but i have moved since and no PC Clubs here close. Wondered what MID code those were. Thanks

Thanks FAsTASS. Maybe one of the mods can move it.

This media is not manufactured by TY.
It are crappy Vanguard manufactured disc’s with Fake TY code.
Vanguard is known for low quality and not good supported media.
Well thanks to the TY code they seem to have fixed the support issue.
However don’t expect that they also fixed the quality issue.

VANGUARD 4x DVD-R with VANGUARD MID is not the worst crap in the world.
Better than alot of other cheapo DVD-R out there.
I can admit that the discs almost always have some readability problems near the very end of the disc during high speed CD-DVD Speed transfer rate tests.

Not sure about their “TYG02” MID discs, but any non-Yuden manufactured discs using TY MID codes should be avoided in general…

Good disc’s shouldn’t have problems after 4 gb area.
Let me say this profesionals wouldn’t rate that media is good if it has the transferrate problems.
ALso vanguard is very drive dependant when it comes to quality.
Guess you used NEC or Pioneer as a burner ?
And what did you use to read back ?