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When I tried to use the PIF/jitter test (button) at the top it tells me that my drive “isnt suitable for this test”. But it OK for my benq. Also it doesnt work for my LG DVD-rom reader, but thats obvious because its just a reader, but the NEC 3500, how odd!! :rolleyes:

The NEC does not support PI/PIF/jitter scanning at all… There is also a thread about that… if you want, you can send an email to NEC tech support asking it that feature could be implemented in future firmwares… :smiley:



When I try to use the pif/jitter media test in DVD info pro, it tells me that the drive doesnt support this fuction. Why is that? Why others use it fine. And its not the media.

NEC doesnt have the capabilities to use DVD/Info Pro’s Pif/Jitter test.

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Reading the NEC forum’s FAQ would also have yielded the same answer. So would have reading the Recording Hardware forum’s DVD-Writer FAQ (which is linked to in the announcement at the top of the forum titled “please read before posting”).

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Is there a problem in The Matrix? Stop starting identical threads, posting to an existing thread will bring it current! The drive does not support this, if you think it’s a problem with DVDInfoPro take it up with nicw, if you want NEC to add this feature take it up with them.

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