DVD Info Pro - Is there a macintosh Equivalent?

DVD Info Pro is a program that provides information on recorded media.

I am wanting to run some tests on some media i have burned… i was advised the following in another place:

DVD Info Pro can apprently do the following: (whch is what i want to do)

“When you run a PI/PO test you are looking for the AVERAGE and PEAK errors. If you’re average is less then 80 and it your peak less then 500 your disc is fine. Note that all burners will produce errors as this is just they way they are designed to operate. If you are producing <80 / <500 results you should be able to mark the DVD Burning and DVD Quality off your list of variables.”

Problem is the dvd recorder im burning from is on a macintosh and the only dvd recorder i have access to. Is there an Equivilant program of DVD Info Pro on the mac?

Yes I very Good Question!!! The best way to find out is If you visit the DVDInfoPro web site!!! Or send them a e-mail and ask them if there is one and if not will there be one in future???