DVD Info Pro and Nero Info tool with DVD-108



Hi People,

Wondered if you can help me. I’ve recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-108 drive with firmware 1.04 (I know it needs updating). The drive is set in my system as a slave to a hard drive on the IDE 1 channel (2nd IDE channel as IDE 0 is the Primary). I have a P4 3 GHz with 1MB PC3200 RAM on a Gigabyte 8IPE775 Pro board. The drive is recognised by windows XP SP2 and I have burnt a Ritek DVD-R 4X disc no problems using Nero Burning ROM, the drive also reads both CD’s and DVD’s and will play the DVD using Power DVD 5.0 (Not tried a CD write yet). The problem I have is that the Nero Info tool contained in the toolkit shows the drive as not capable of DL+R Write??? I then downloaded and installed DVD Info Pro v3.21 and used that to give me info about the drive. It also does not have a little tick next to the DVD+R DL write capability? I must admit I have not tried to burn a DL disc yet (at $13 AUS a disc I don’t want the most expensive coaster available) but can anyone tell me if they have seen the same problem and if so how they corrected it. My firts thought is obviously firmware which I intend to update ASAP but I would have thought that this should not have anything to do with the 2 info tools not detecting that the drive is NOT DL+R capable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




I thought that too, but then I noticed I was looking in the wrong box for the tick. Double check which box you are looking in (left/right of text).


Hi Mildside,

Thanks for the comment but it is definately not ticked it is also not ticked in DVD Info Pro as well.



Well, it was worth a try. Are you using the version of Nero that comes on the OEM disc (I know you’ve got one 'cause I also got my 108 in Australia)? If not, perhaps you should try that, otherwise I’m stumped.


Update the firmware on the 108, it fixes this problem.

It was noted in a couple of reviews on the 108, and also noted that firmware upgrades to at least 1.06 fixed it up. :slight_smile:


Is there such a problem?
Anyone knows that this drive is capable of burning DL @4x


It’s not really a problem from what I have seen (reviews and the like), the 108 will burn DL fine, it’s just that in a lot of cases infotool and the nero infotool wouldn’t report DL capability with firmware 1.04 for some strange reason. A firmware update fixed the reporting problem.



It’s not really a problem anymore. I updated to firmware 1.14 and now both nero and DVD Info report +DL recording ability.