Dvd img what do i do with it?

ive got this file and dont know how to make a dvd from it.

ive opend it up and its got a whole lot of rar files in it all the same size, around 50mb each and there are also a whole lot of other files around 50mb each. so i extract one of the rar files and i get an img file of 4.5 gig. so what do i do now? ive tryed to burn the image using nero but when open the 4.5 gig folder nero dosnt see it.

thanks for any help as i have know idear what im doing.

First of all what type of file is it what type of extension dose it have? Is it an Image file? If it is a image file first I would try and burn it back onto a DVD with the same program you made the image file with.

Unless you can give us some more detail we also have no idea how to help you.

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G)-(osters which one do you recommend works best Iso, mdf, img, maybe you need to add a tutorial for it :slight_smile:

billtest This might be of some help for you Click

With an IMG (Image) file you can either burn it directly to a DVD, for which I would use DVD Decrypter (from www.afterdawn.com) or mount it on a virtual drive. I use Daemon Tools for this. In this latter way you can view the files within the image with explorer just as though it was on a DVD. If it’s a video then you can watch it on your PC with PowerDVD etc.
Hope this is helpful.

change filename to .iso and burn image with alcohol 120 or such program