DVD Images

Using Clone v4, if I was to try and make a copy of a DVD, is it the same as making one of a game CD?

Can I mage a image and then burn it to a DVD later?

clone cd does NOT work with dvd disk

What does make a DVD Image and copy?


I’m just curious, don’t have the cash for a DVD burner currently.

how you going to burn that dvd image? its going to be several gb.

It was simply a question. I didn’t know if it could be done or not.

You can use a program like Smartripper or DVD Decrypter to copy and decrypt (if necessary) the files of a DVD to your harddisk.

I think that DVD-Decrypter includes an option which allows you to create an ISO-Image which contains the whole content of a DVD. You then can burn it to a DVD-R(W) using a DVD-Burner.

The problem is that if the imagefile is bigger than 4 GB then you will need an operating system which supports NTSF (Windows NT or XP) and if the image exceeds 4.35 GB then it will not fit on a single-layer DVD-R. (Dual-layer DVD-R are not available yet).
If you try to burn a DVD-Movie >4.35 GB than you simply have to leave away some of the material (languages, menus, extras etc) you don’t need or you need to lower the resolution. But if you copy data-DVDs >4.35 GB then it could cause problems if you just leave a part of the software away.

But you can also use the image on your harddrive as some kind of a virtual DVD-Rom. There are several programms you can use for this purpose.

First, there’re neither any sub channels nor any raw data that needs to be copied.

If you want to copy single-layer dvds that are not encrypted (such as simple data dvds from Linux distributions), then you can use Nero, version or higher (when you install a dvd writer, the dialog box where you choose the type of media you want to burn (data cd, audio cd etc) is extended, so that you can also choose whether you want to make a cd or a dvd).

If your image is larger than 4 GB and you use FAT32, Nero is even intelligent enough to split the image file into 2 parts…