DVD Images on HDD

Hi there

I am trying to make a DVD image on my HDD of the entire DVD including bonus stuff, etc. Have over 300 GB of storage so space no probs. Also images need to be loaded in virtual drive. Have tried testing on Cowboy Bebop with CloneDVD and AnyDVD running in background but still wants to compress to smaller size. Is there anyway to stop this compression. Also when tried XXX it comes up with file structures errors. Am I using the wrong software or just not using it right. Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Jarrod

Try the third user case “Write Existing Data” although that may be where you’re getting the File Structure Error problem like me - non contiguous blocks is the cause. It’s being fixed bit by bit.

Try DVD Decrypter which can rip in ISO Mode

That is where i get file structure errors. Downloading DVD Decrypter now and will try that instead. Thanx.

Cheers Jarrod

yes dvddecryptor should do it

you can mount the iso in any virtual drive to watch or re-ecnode/strip or what ever. ANd much faster

Will it also do DVD based games like MGS2.

Lismore? Do you have electricity there as well as phone lines?

Will it also do DVD based games like MGS2.


(is it protected?/)