DVD image

Can I use nerocmd to burn a pre-created ISO image to DVD? I’m able to burn the image through the Nero GUI. And I’m able to burn to CD from the command line using the --image command option. But if I add the --dvd command option, the output still says I’ve requested media type CDRW.

ISO images are currently always interpreted as CD-Images. Therefore, you can’t write them to DVD.

Then is there any way to use nerocmd to burn an image to DVD? As I mentioned, I am able to do this using the GUI, so I see that the functionality does exist.


No, it is currently not possible with NeroAPI to burn ISO images to DVDs.


you could trick it though :wink: i have figured taht m uch out :wink:

So please share you knowledge. I am curious to hear your solution :slight_smile:

i will if you promise not to take it out :wink: or fix it :wink:

I can’t promise. :wink:
But the feature is already planned for the future.

well thats cool :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

in teh code before you write teh actual code to burn if you eject the tray and run the burn code it will say it needs a cd disc to continue. all you do is close the tray with the dvd in it and it will not try to validate the disc again. i guess it just looks for a empty disc. so it will then burn a iso to dvd.

if you time it just right you can have timer and when the rperson starts burning. it can eject the tray then start teh burn function. and if you time it just right you can also code it to close the tray itself and it will start burning the iso to dvd. before i started making my own dvd burning sfotware i used teh nero api and this was the only way to trick it into burning a udf iso to dvd. its worked since teh nero 5.5 sdk the last one before the nero 6 sdk came out. though it still wo rks with 6 as well :slight_smile:

i dont mind if you all take it out, but i told this trick toa few people who use it themselves :slight_smile:

Do you have sample code you would be willing to share? Are you building an .exe from the API or running nerocmd.exe from the command line?


Hi, I know this thread is over a year old, but I’m having the same problem.
Using NeroCmd w/ Nero API, using this commandline:

NeroCmd --write --drivename G --dvd --image DX71000.ISO

I’m still getting the error:

Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a
disc of the correct type or modify the settings of your compilation to make them
compatible with the current disc.

I get the same error when using the GUI - it says it needs a CD-R/RW, and spits out my DVD. But the ISO is 750MB, and won’t fit on a 650 or 700MB CD.

You will have to use --real flag for NeroCMD, otherwise the simulation is on and this is not possible, if burning a DVD. Therefore you burning fails.
In Nero select DVD in burn options dialog, if you try to burn this image on DVD.

So what happened to the future, it’s here and now 2 years later and I don’t see any updates to the NeroSDK…

It’s a shame too as I would love to incorporate alot of DVD functionality into some of my apps…

Anyone know if the pop in a DVD trick works like Delong stated above???
I haven’t tried it, and don’t wish to really write the code to have it not work when someone else probably can tell me right off hand…

Some facts:
Feb. 2004 - release of NeroSDK 1.04
Apr. 2004 - release of NeroSDK 1.05
And of course a number of NeroAPI updates since Oct. 2003.
Now it’s working without the need of ‘tricks’.

Sorry, from what I read I wasn’t sure there was an update, now that I read my post again, it seemed a bit brash.

Anyways, thanks for the reply, do I just use the NERO_WRITE_CD structure because I don’t see a NERO_WRITE_DVD one…

Thanks again!