DVD Image

Just a question. What happens if you try to make an image of a DVD using a DVD-ROM drive and CloneCD? I know the image would be huge, but could you then burn it to DVD? Someone with a DVD writer must try this.

clonecd can not back-up dvd’s, only cd’s

Well i dont have a DVD writer, but i have ripped a data DVD to an image on my hard disk, just like i do with CDs, its a hassel to always have to look for the CD you need. The images are huge, so you have to have a NTFS drive, not FAT32. I ripped it using the winXP power toy ISO recorder, and it works fine in daemon tools. :slight_smile: (but it was an unprotected enyclopaedia i bought - i doubt it would work if it were copy protected in anyway)

If you are taling about DVD films, most of the time you would not want to make a 1:1 image of them anyway :bigsmile: