DVD Image

Is there a program similar to FantomCD that will create a 1:1 disc image of a CSS DVD in a Wintel box?

FantomCD will not allow the creation of CSS protected DVDs.

My solution so far is to create a 1:1 image in a Macintosh using DVDextractor. This image can be mounted by the Daemon tools, in the PC.

I know I can extract the DVD with Smartripper but this does not result in a single image file and the copied files of some movies (The Patriot, Final Fantasy) fail to play.

The Mac/PC method has been 100% succesful for me. But I would prefer to do everything in the PC.

My goal is to keep a DVD jukebox in my home theater computer.


Jo I think there is a way to do that. Because I tried to make an image of an dvd with fantom cd, but it didn’t work. But then i tried Virtual CD 4 and it worked very well. Now i can watch the dvd when i want, because its running as a virtual cd. So try it.